Why “Vocal for Local” should be our slogan for sale?

Updated: May 8, 2021

How can we make this happen? How can we induce people the thought-provoking message?

Firstly, to clarify, I wouldn’t want to embrace this politically or shower praises around “what an amazing leader our Prime Minister is”, because I believe, this is something that should have been implemented way before the time. However, in simple as a common man with daydreaming capability, I LOVED THIS AD “Vocal for Local”.

This means you are giving wings to your dreams, your dreams of being an entrepreneur in your country, your dream of being the part of the race, your dream that overpowers global companies, and permits you to appeal to your people. Just the thought of supporting “local products in the country” gives me a feeling of hope and self-reliance. I often see my dad disappointed, that his business is not doing well because of the mediocre products from the other countries with cheaper quality is doing well just because it costs less and has fancy photography of display when compared to our strong local made. But this time, I could proudly tell him, “don’t worry dad, our market is now open, lets race”. Yes, The hope is not just about getting a platform, it’s also about getting free advertising campaign from the man himself- “Vocal for Local”, this could look like a mockery for many but we can’t let go the fact that there are people who follow him and all we need to do is sell the emotions and prick the customer sentiments. It works, works for us, works for the country, works for our development, works for our GDP, works for everything.

How can we make this happen? How can we induce people the thought-provoking message?

It’s simple, purchase from a local market and pass the word of advice “I got you a sale because you are selling local products, now it's your turn to buy local to increase another sale” it’s just a barter exchange of good thoughts. GET LOCAL, GO VOCAL

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