Top 3 College Dropout Start Up Gurus Of India

India ranks 26th in the world rankings of Education. Its flourishing in technology and is the go to destination for outsourcing with 80% of European and US companies favoring India. But when it comes to following or leading, we tend to become the followers. Things are changing though,

Here are 3 people who are college drop-outs , yet managed to achieve their dream and become truly amazing leaders.

Oyo’s Rooms' Ritesh Agarwal

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One of the youngest Billionaire’s of India, Ritesh needs no intro. He is the man behind Oyo rooms which quadrupled in a matter of 3 years. Budget hotel rooms which can be booked with just a few clicks is the business model. But to get this going, he had to work tirelessly. Even though he came from a well to do family, he didn’t depend on them. Instead, he travelled, worked with customer service at base level and even sold sim cards. Now his net worth is more than 7800 crores and counting. He is a perfect example for hard work really pays off!

CRED’s Kunal Shah

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The man behind the quirky IPL ad staring Jim Sarbh which catapulted Rahul Dravid into an angry young man! Kunal is no stranger to start up culture. He was the founder of Free charge. It is a recharging portal for mobiles which would also give you these really cool vouchers. He sold this to Snap deal in 5 years and started working with other companies as an advisor. Then he founded CRED, which in a span of 9 months , raised $120 million! This is the fastest that an Indian company has grown. Surely, there are possible chances that one day he would leave every global leaders behind and lead the race.’s Rahul Yadav

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A drop out of IIT Bombay in his final year, he started in 2012 along with his friends. The startup culture was booming then. Funded by Softbank, it was later acquired by Elara Technologies in 2017. They expanded in Bengaluru, Gurugram, Pune and Hyderabad. He stepped down as the CEO later and Co-founded Intelligent Interfaces.

India as a country has no dearth of talent. All we need is a little support. Talking of support, lets also support our local vendors and Startups in these COVID times and lets bring a positive change! You can read more on

" Is education really important?" Do let us know in the comments below. More to come on this in our next blog.

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