The Woman In The Window - Lets You Down In More Than One Way

Most movies are no competition when compared to the books that they are adapted from. The Woman in the Window is no better. It is based on the novel by A.J Finn, which itself was very successful when it was released back in 2018.

The movie however is just not it. It was to be released in the theatres but since COVID struck, was sold to Netflix. A good decision since this is not a theatre watch.

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But what do we think ruined it? Read on ..

A psychological thriller about a child Psychologist who has Agoraphobia after getting into a horrible accident. All she can do is watch the outside world through the window (hence the name). In one of these sights seeing (stalking) sessions, she sees her neighbors moving in, and then what unravels, is a not-so-crazy spiraling of events. Her neighbor’s wife (whom she met earlier) is murdered and our protagonist is the witness. But when she does meet the wife, it's not whom she met!

Now, she takes it on herself to investigate and starts searching for the murderer, eventually stumbling upon some dark secrets.

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The run time wasn’t too long, to begin with. The first half-hour was decent enough. The problem starts after and everything starts falling apart. The narrative is a mess and so is the direction. It was boring at a point. Amy Adams tries hard to salvage this but it’s not up to her. This was already a bizarre movie in the making.

The problem is it “looks” good but on the inside, it's “empty”. We don’t connect to the characters or their suffering. The only feeling that you do feel in at every end.

So many things could have been done right but this just wasn’t it. If you have nothing to watch, maybe, just maaaay be you can give it a go.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments :)

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