Before Kokila Ben, we had these trending.

Updated: May 8, 2021

Good music and good songs are divine and very close to almighty. But, how about the senseless ones? Haha… It makes it to our “bathroom track” list.

The new sensational track making rounds in India is the #KoilaBenMashup by #YashrajMukhate, a singer-producer from Aurangabad. He picked a scene from the daily Hindi soap “saath nibhana saathiya” and created a spoof track. The serial could be a headache, but trust me the mashup is a “beauty”

While we are seeing the Kokila Ben mashup gaining popularity, we decided to list the viral songs that we Indians couldn’t ignore though we found it stupid.
Baby shark:

The children song that got so viral and famous that even the elder’s pubs and parties played this in repeat. This has also made its place in the aerobics and fat burning routines. Though the lyrics speak nothing, you really cannot ignore this one for sure. So, go on do some “do do do”


Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen by Pikotaro, a spoof singer-songwriter created and portrayed by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka. The song makes no sense at all, but it was a viral sensation and nobody could stop singing it all day. It even made its #1 home in the Japan Hot 100 Billboard chart.

Eye to Eye:

A Pakistani singer and songwriter decided to pen a serious song “eye to eye” that turned into a never-ending meme. You can never ignore his long curly hair locks, dressed in a white suit with matching white shoes, in a white background with white furniture, where he sings about "sensational eyes, emotional eyes, colorful eyes, exciting eyes, fabulous eyes, spectrum eyes, human eyes, and whatnot. The song could be “Ewww”, but I am sure we all have been humming it all day long.

Selfie meine leliya

You could hate her but cannot ignore her. Dinchak Pooja has received millions of views on YouTube, shortly after this song. Her offbeat music and weird lyrics could give you a headache, but each one does recognize her song and sing it to the tune.

Da coconut song:

This is our favorite in the list., the originality is by National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, but got famous after Baylor University School of Music Men's Choir performed the song before airline crew and passengers in Emirates Airlines' plane cabin. This song has been going viral since then and making a head-turner. The lyrics only speaks of coconut.

Which one is your favorite? do comment below.
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