The Priest – Won't be losing sleep over this one!

Mollywood’s Super star Mammootty’s Priest released on Prime a few days ago.

Honestly, I do not understand a word of Malayalam. But was still keen on watching this one.

Must say, I am a tad disappointed.

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The movie starts with Father Carmen Benedict working on a case where a series of suicides have destroyed an influential family. The last surviving member has all eyes on her as the wrong doer. But she too commits suicide. How the story unfolds and how benedict helps solve the case forms the first part. Now his focus shifts on the little girl Ameya whom he had met during this case’s investigation. The whole murder mystery thing kept me going until the interval which was gripping. After the interval when the story of Ameya starts is where the film starts lagging.

It was getting slower and slower and one point in time I felt it was getting too painful.

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End was way too predictable and so was all the mystery surrounding Ameya. It’s rather interesting that the first half and second half feel like different movies altogether.

Director Jofin. T. Chacko’s First movie is with a superstar. I get the pressure. But in the process of making the movie an awesome horror + thriller, the editing didn’t turn out the way it should had been. I wouldn’t say this is Mammootty’s best either.

However, baby’s Monica’s act of Ameya deserves an applause.

She indeed did a good job on portraying a girl possessed. No over acting whatsoever. All the other actors have done fairly ok but forgettable acting. This movie could had been a lot more but however has turned into a One time watch. I would give it a 3-star rating.

Do let us know if you were as disappointed as us :)

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