Shershaah - Siddharth's Best Yet :)

After Border, a lot of war movies were made, but nothing resonated until I watched Shershaah. This movie is a combination of action and emotion, none over powering the other. It seemed totally balanced. There are also real life references of the conversations between him and Dimple (Kiara).

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It’s the story about the Kargil war’s hero, Vikram Batra, who died saving an injured soldier.

It begins with Vikram who had been wanting to join the Army since he was a young lad. All he ever dreamt of was to serve our nation. He grows up and still harbours the same dream meanwhile falling in love with the Feisty Dimple (Kiara) who is as crazy about him as he is. Their love story is not sappy, yet beautiful. His love for her is earnest, simple and straight. He doesn’t mix his words or intentions and she loves him like no other can. The way they look at each other made me feel nostalgic. In all this, he still wants to get into the Army which does make his life a little difficult, but he sails through. Befriends everyone, loves to protect people among him and civilians alike, even at times at great risk. Climax is where you see Siddharth as you have never seen before. Everyone knows how it ends but it would still bring tears for sure.

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Siddharth is a really good actor. But I couldn’t believe that he could pull off a movie like this with ease. He put in a lot of hard work and it definitely shows. The person that I was seeing onscreen was not Sid. It was Vikram.

In every movie he did after his debut, there has been a strong growth. This movie proves that yet again. Kiara too has matched this. Her eyes speak so much and the ability to smile in pain is not easy. She is definitely someone to watch out for. All the other supporting cast have done a great job as well.

The other aspect and something really cool is the Casting. In the ends credits if you notice, most of their cast is way too close to their real life counterparts. Kudos to that!

Verdict - I would give it a 4 out of 5.

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