Sherni - Something To Ponder Even After The Movie Ends

This movie is about a lot of things. Its about a tigress trying to move from one forest to another. Its about how sometimes women feel dominated even when they themselves hold a position of power. How politics is played even in the most heart wrenching situations. About Human – Tiger Conflict, Urbanization, and a lot more.

But, it isn’t preachy and that’s the best part. It just shows you what you already know and some concealed truths.

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It revolves around Vidya Vincent, a newly appointed Divisional Officer in the Forest department. She tries field work after a long time on the desk, which quickly becomes a headache. A cautious tigress is trying to get into another reserve but has a lot of hurdles in her journey. And now she has started to kill people too. This becomes national news and the parallels between the tigress’s situation and Vidya forms the rest of the plot. The story telling is absolutely great, the cast have each played their part genuinely well. They look so normal! No fancy wear, no extra make up. Their expressions are doing all the talking. And the dialogues are all apt to the situation. I had a feeling that I am watching a documentary, and trust me, in a good way.

Vidya looks convincing as the DFO who is torn between her duty and humanity. Could feel the helplessness quite literally.

Powerless even after holding commanding position. Politicians manipulating everything, from emotions to situations, “hunters” (read poachers) heading teams to “save” the beast, hah! the Irony! The cinematography is quite unique too. They have definitely captured the essence incredibly well.

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I was rooting for the tigress. Yup, I know sitting in the comfort of our homes, we can't imagine the pain of losing family to wild animals. But we really have to rethink this whole situation. In one scene, the MLA says, “This is my land and the tiger needs to die”. So, Earth just belongs to Humans? Land, water, air, what haven’t we polluted or encroached? We see so many messages urging us to save our planet, but what are we, as individuals really doing to help? Lot of questions, something to think even after the movie ends.

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Verdict : I will give it a 4 😊 Do let us know what you think in the comments below 😊

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