Series Review : Sweet Tooth – A Heartwarming Tale Of Belief

When I watched the trailer, I thought, “OK! Yet another twisted fairy tale for children, meh”.

After watching it now, children and adults alike, are going to enjoy this one. You might connect more to it may be because we are all going through a pandemic together. It’s a sweet, a tad bit predictable yet heartwarming series which is split into 8 episodes.

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The story centers around a hybrid child - Gus, who is searching for his mum in the middle of a war like situation where people are out to get him. When the hybrids were born, there was also an outbreak of a virus which was simultaneously killing humans. Some humans called "The Last Men" have now vowed to kill all hybrids.

It isn’t as depressing as it sounds though. 😊

Gus has his support system too. A hybrid killer turned saviour Jepp and teenage hybrid protector, Bear are his companions. His wild journey about finding his mum and hybrids like him, form the story line. There are parallelly running stories of Aditya, Rani and Aimee which will all be connected later on in the coming episodes.

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It is predictable to a certain extent. You do anticipate some of the twists in the plot. But the story telling is where it wins. The narration is also well done. Some scenes will make you connect to what we are all going through right now with COVID around us and some will surprise you. Like in one scene where Gus and Jepp are attacked by Last men. When the attacker is inching towards harming Gus, he sees a big Stag’s silhouette approaching behind Gus. The attacker looks on in disbelief but Gus is oblivious of the situation.

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The actors have done their part really well. Christian, Nonso and Stefania stand out for obvious reasons. I hope the others have more to offer in the coming season. Produced by Robert Downey Jr ( Yup, Iron Man) the second part hopefully is more exciting and bold.

Go for it, if you are looking for effervescent and satisfying journey of a hybrid child and his quest to find more.

Verdict - I give it a good 3.5 😊 Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 😊

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