Ray - Actors In Their Best forms. Story Telling? Not Much

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

4 powerful tales based on Satyajit Ray’s collections of short stories

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Staring Manoj Bajpai, Kay Kay Menon, Ali Fazal, Harshvardhan. Even the supporting cast has done a commendable job!

FORGET ME NOT is based on Smritibhrom, which stars Fazal, Sweta Basu and Shruthy Menon. Its a story about an ambitious entrepreneur, Ipsit Nair who is practically a walking and talking calculator. Everything is going well for him until he meets Rhea who keeps insisting that they have spent an awful lot of time together but whom Ipsit can’t place. He then realizes that he has started to lose his memory. The events leading to the revelation is what kept me hooked.

BAHRUPIYA is a story of an unassuming make-up artist (Menon) who suddenly receives 75 lakhs and a detailed prosthetic make up book written by his grandmother after she dies, as per her will. What ensues is a crazy turn of events. How a meek guy tries to turn into a god and what transpires the fall of him is the story.

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HUNGAMA HAI KYON BARPA is another story staring Manoj Bajpai and Gajraj Rao. This being the weakest of the four, makes up by some amazing performances by both the actors. Musafir (Manoj) meets Baig (Gajraj) a fellow traveler in a train and realizes that he is someone from his past. Musafir had stolen something precious from Baig which made Baig’s life topsy turvy.

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SPOTLIGHT is about a Bollywood actor (Harshvardhan) who is going through existential crisis . To top this, he becomes a second class citizen compared to a God woman (Radhika). The similarities between their lives form the story. Harshvardhan has potential is what I have felt personally and if given a chance, I'm sure he can prove himself (which he has tried to do over the years). Radhika Madan is lovely and your heart goes out to her. That doesn't mean she is any less of a badass!

All the four stories are somewhere related to human pride. The fall of the mighty. They are good in parts as well.

At one point all stories do feel a bit sluggish since none of them are less than 45 mins.

They are short stories. You can only stretch them so much. Story telling is good, not the best. In all the tales however, climax is the king!

I would give it a 3 out of 5 😊 Do let us know which one you liked the most in the comments. 😊

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