Why Are We Angry After Watching Radhe? Read on.. the most honest review!

So, I made the mistake of agreeing to watch this movie with my friends and might I say,

I just lost 1.5 hours of my precious life to this TERRIBLE crap!

Disha Patani - Wasted

Randeep Hooda - Wasted

Jackie Shroff - Wasted

Sudhanshu Pandey - Wasted

Arjun Kanungo - Wasted

Pravin Tarde - Wasted

Gautam Gulati - Wasted

Bharath Srinivasan - Wasted

Megha Akash - Wasted

Finally, Prabhu Deva - Utterly wasted!

Salman Khan managed to assemble a talented cast who could have added lot of value to this movie, but he tried his best to sideline them and make them utterly useless!

There is nothing to talk about. DO NOT watch it.

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