Raat akeli hai – Spoiler ahead - Raat akeli hai par Chamakti bhi hai!

Updated: May 8, 2021

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I wasn’t too keen on watching it. I am so glad though that I did!

This one is one of those underdogish movie that wins the race

Superb acting by each and everyone in the cast and the storyline is well-knit. But it’s the climax that blows your mind!

It touches upon the dark side of our society. Be it Nawazuddin, who is a cop, applying fair and lovely because he thinks “his color’s dim”. Or his thinking a girl wearing sleeveless blouse is not “aadarsh”. He is borderline narrow but he also proves that can be changed if you really care about someone later. Ila Arun dots on her son but at the same time criticize him so much! A heavily pregnant Shweta Tripathi being looked down upon by her husband who just wants her father’s property.

The movie revolves around a murder case. But the family has its own deep, dark, and violent secrets. Now I know how much I missed Radhika Apte! She is another one of those amazing actors who just flows like water. You challenge her with any role; she will do it as if she owns it. From the dialect to her mannerisms, to the smallest of gestures, she just gets it! She plays the mistress who became “Maalkin”, whom nobody cares about but at the same time, everybody has an eye out for. She is the most vulnerable even in strength.

I cannot forget the supporting actors at all! Each one of them has left an impact. Padmavathi Rao is amazing as always. So is Nishant Daniya as the opportunist son. From Tigmanshu Dhulia who plays the sly SSP till the maid played by Riya Shukala (even her grand mum!) have packed a powerful performance.

The screenplay, dialogues, and camera work are splendid. The best though is the story and script.

This movie is very dark yet somewhere in the end it does give a little bit of hope. It’s after a very long time that I want to watch the same movie again.

Raat akeli hai par Chamakti bhi hai!
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