French Biryani Movie review : Spoilers ahead

Updated: May 8, 2021

So our very own Bevarsi Kudka a.k.a Danish Sait is back! But this time on the big screen as Mr Azgar. The hero is this “Shivajinagar Kannada” speaking auto rickshaw driver who is quirky and sort of innocent to begin with. (Full marks for Shivajinagar dialect which is on point).Trouble starts to brew when he picksup Phoren guy (read - Sal Yusuf ) on the behest of a TV anchor that Asgar admires.

Then starts this whole chaosy comedy of swap!

Danish is an ace comedian. Here, he also gets to showcase ( in a restricted environment), an emotional side. Especially when it comes to Simon, who goes to the French embassy just to get totally ignored by the staff. Azgar genuinely starts to help Simon get his bag back. When we are talking about dialect, how can I forget this eye opener of a funny villain, Muscle Mani (Mahantesh Hiremath). A Tamil gangster whose father gives him a deal just before his dies. This guy’s dumb folded expressions are just priceless!

All the other supporting characters have done a very good job in making this movie a cool comedy of

errors. Don’t watch if you are looking for Devdas type script because you won’t find one. It’s a simple, funny movie. Leave your brain behind and enjoy!

Special mention to the opening song -The Bengaluru Song by Aditi Sagar. The song is super chill!

Aye Bevarsi Kudka ! Just watch it I say !

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