Finally North East Shines On OTT

The Last hour translates to Aakhri Ghadi in Hindi. A Supernatural Thriller based on tribal folklore in Sikkim. Yes, Sikkim.

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How many of us remember watching anything based on North East or having NE actors?

I really hope more writers and directors follow suit because there are many unique stories like these that need to be told. They have tried to capture the beauty and essence and how! The breathtaking mountains, the lush locales, its just too beautiful. The opening credits itself is beyond words. Should hand it to the Cinematographer!

Story-wise it is a good one. The episodes aren’t too long so you can finish within a day. A young man gifted with powers to see your last hour after death while also trying to protect it from a dark Jhakhri or Shaman (Read the main villain). The first episode seemed interesting since I had not watched the trailer. It was going well until a certain point somewhere in the mid-series.

Then, it starts becoming slower and slower. And I found myself yawning and skipping some scenes. The emotional connection seemed to be missing and so was the element of surprise which drives such stories.

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Sanjay Kapoor as the top cop trying to stay sane in all the insanity around him has done a decent job. Shahana as his colleague and trusted companion is amazing as always. Karma Takapa felt a little frozen. His expression was the same all over the series. I know he plays a gifted shaman and all that. That doesn’t mean you need to be stoic all the time. Shaylee Krishnen’s first acting assignment has done her some good, but she can do better.

I liked Lanuakum’s Thapa more than the actual Villain.

All the other actors have tried to give their best at being natural but you don’t develop any empathy towards them.

I hadn’t written it off just yet. It was ok until the end. However, the end seems to be rushed and has left me confused. Why drag the whole series and give it a short death?

We would love to hear your thoughts. If you felt anything differently, keep us posted! :)

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