Family Man 2 - Outdone themselves again!

Sequels almost never live up to the hype. This one is a worthy exception.

After a long wait (read : two years) Family man is back! Its meatier, has the right pun and the content is on point. This time, we have another entrant, Samantha making her debut on OTT.

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The story picks up from the cliffhanger and they show the aftermath of the events that transpired in the first season. This time the story touches on the Exiled Tamil leaders of Sri Lanka (LTTE) who are working with ISI to create a stir in India by attacking the PM. Of course, they have tweaked the events to make the story more engaging. We have Manoj Bajpai as Srikant, now working in a Corporate sector to spend more time with his family. But Suchi is still distant and cold. The kids are growing up fast and the joy (pun intended) of dealing with teenagers is shown beautifully. Drithis’s outbursts and dual life will have us thinking about our own teenage dilemma.

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Coming to South Super Star Samantha Prabhu - The way she has portrayed her character is fantastic! Her action scenes need a special mention. To get to this level of perfection, I can’t imagine the training she would had gone through and it shows.

You would definitely feel a chill run down your spine when Raji is introduced!

There is a scene where she refuses to use a gun saying her bare hands are enough. It made me smile because by now we all know what she can do. She has really nailed this one!

Manoj Bajpai - Not a single forgettable performance by this guy. Throw him into anything and he molds himself accordingly. I am so glad he got a chance to show what he is worth. This is where OTT platforms are doing us a favour. The rapport he shares with Talpade (Hashmi) and their banter is something you will look forward to. They seem so much at ease. Then there are all the south actors from Ravindra Vijay, Devadarshini , Mime Gopi , Azhagam Perumal, Anand Sami, Srikrishna Dayal and Rajesh Balachandiran, who have done a stupendous job. Let’s also appreciate Chellam Sir whose memes have already flooded the internet. Gives the required Gyan with some comic relief too 😊

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Family man 2 is by far the best series of 2021 and I don’t regret the wait at all! Season two has set the bar high and expectations are going to keep rising with every season they bring in.

Verdict – 4 stars easily 😊 Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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