Dial 100 – Not a Thrilling Thriller

When I say Thriller, the first thought that would come to one's mind is "Suspense", Thrillers are synonyms for adrenaline and anxiety. This could had been one of the better movies of this year. They had the finest actors, a good script and a good production house, but alas!

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It begins when Nikhil (Manoj) who works with the Mumbai Police Emergency Control Room, gets a call from a lady (Neena Gupta) who seems desperate and suicidal. He tries to calm her but to no avail. Parallelly, they show the tumultuous relationship that his wife Prerna (Sakshi) and son Dhruv share. The story behind this is revealed as the movie moves forward. It also shows how Neena is connected to everything that’s happening in the Control room.

The story was predictable from the word go.

The way it started itself was a bit shaky. What really makes this movie watchable are its actors. May be a little bit over the top at times, but they have done justice to whatever the script demanded. Manoj as the helpless cop who is trying to make sense of the situation and work through a solution in total mayhem, looks convincing. What doesn’t look convincing though, is his fighting skills. Neena as usual molds herself into her depressed, manic (which is totally justified, given the situation) character. Sakshi is a wonderful actor. I can’t wrap my head around why she isn’t getting more acting offers. She impresses you in every tiny role she gets. In Dangal, she silently stood her ground and was someone who got noticed even after her screen time was not much. In this movie too, she has given her best as a mother torn between safety and protecting her son.

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Overall this movie was good but could had been much better. It had its moments. The comical situations did make us laugh. They weren't trying too hard, which was good. The end will get you thinking about our lives and of those going through things we wouldn't ever want to see.

Verdict : I would give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Do let us know your thoughts 😊

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