Cold Case - A Chilling Tale Of Mystery

Streaming on Amazon Prime, this is a story about logic and faith. Two sides of the same event. One which is backed with evidence and another with something inexplicable.

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The story revolves around a Journalist Medha (played Aditi Balan) who also works on paranormal shows. She moves into a new home with her daughter after filing for divorce. Right after moving in, she starts experiencing some weird events which spook her out . It leads her into taking charge of finding out what exactly is happening. In another part, there is ACP Sathyajith (Prithviraj) who is investigating a case where a fisherman unexpectedly catches a human skull that has caught the Media's attention.

The whole plot is based on the linking of these two seemingly different cases.

Story wise, I really liked how they started unfolding the events. The first half particularly is very engaging. You will definitely feel some chills (if you don’t keep controlling the volume). Climax is good until a certain point.

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Problem starts in the second half. It seems a little dragged and there are some unnecessary scenes too. The actors don’t seem to be convincing in their roles. It looks as if they are trying to act instead of actually feeling the character. Some scenes weren’t convincing and some weren’t logical either. However , it’s not usually a well-made genre in India so I will still give a shout out for their effort. It’s a good attempt and will look forward to many such movies to make a decent come back.

Verdict – I would give it 3 stars out of 5 😊 Do let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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