Bhoot Police – Watch It For The Comedy And Twists 😊

Stree put horror comedy genre on the forefront when it released. People, including the makers of Stree tried to replicate this success by releasing Roohi starring Janhvi. But nothing could match the bar set by Stree. Now, Bhoot Police isn’t an exception either, But honestly, when I had watched the trailer, I didn’t expect it to be even this good. Yes, its dragged and at times feelflat on emotions, but there are moments when you genuinely laugh. There are some riveting twists in the plot too.

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Staring Saif , Arjun Kapoor, Yami and Jacqueline; Bhoot Police is a story of two brothers who are your typical fake tantriks. However, their father was unfeigned which Saif finds hard to digest. He only believes in taking advantage of the fear and along the way do whatever little good which is a byproduct. Arjun is the only one who believes in his father’s legacy and wants to continue helping people. Enter Yami, who runs a tea estate and is being hounded by a ghost which has returned after thirty years. Jacqueline, plays her London return sister who isn’t convinced by any of this and just wants her sister to shift base.

Once the brothers decide to help Yami, the whole situation gets twisted and this forms the crux of our story.

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The movie would had actually been a lot better if they edited it a little more. Some actors weren’t as connected to their own characters. Saif and Jamie Lever were the only ones who did! Arjun was also good but he can’t beat Saif’s comic timing. But the movie as a whole isn’t half bad. There is a scene where Saif realizes that ghosts are real and that was portrayed excellently. There are quite a few moments like these. This movie would had been so much better with a little tweak.

Verdict - I would give it 3 stars😊 Do let us know your thoughts 😊

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