5 low-cost hobbies you could start today for gains tomorrow.

Updated: May 8, 2021

Hobbies need not be physical that involves outdoor activities, need not be expensive or that need a lot of training. There are a lot of hobbies you could start small and indoors and gradually ace it. Pastimes when converted into a serious skill can also give you good gains.

Here are a few fun and low-cost diversions that you could do at your leisure, or during that little time you get after your busy working days.

Watercolor Painting

Painting is something you create that eventually become yours. Start a painting process with good quality watercolors available everywhere in the market. A set of finest quality paint and cards might cost you around 200-500 INR. Experiment on the little strokes and learn to draw the cutest life stills that you see around . Trust me, it is really satisfying and keeps you hooked for a long time and you can learn a lot of techniques too if you try to explore more about watercolors. You could also go through Instagram profiles of some of the good watercolor artists and try creating some magic.

Garden Designing

Gardening or Garden designing is a cute hobby that you could think of and spend your leisure time on it., it is more engaging than just choosing appropriate plants for your home or balcony and appropriately spacing them in well-prepared soil. It’s about creating a liveliness or mood that makes you feel comfortable and connected to your surroundings. Having plants around the home beautifies it, gives your fresh air, and every time you see your little plants growing and booming, a sense of motivation and love will automatically orbit around you. The saplings and seeds will not cost you much and you could borrow it from a neighbor, seek help from a popular gardener in your area or you could go on wild hunting for new plants.

Short Blog Writing

Our mind is full of imagination, curiosity, and wonderful ideas, and this is the right time to pen them down. Some people often misinterpret that writing is all about talent, but they are wrong because it is an accumulated skill. And this hobby costs you nothing but sure to give you good benefits both theoretically and monetarily. You could just start creating your self-written collections of stories, poems, movie scripts, start a blog or anything because trust me as you go along, it gets so much fun.

Photography & Editing

Photography is a beautiful skill to learn and acquire., it indeed falls under the cost less category in my listicle because you don’t need fancy gadgets to learn photography. Sometimes just your phone would do the trick if used it in the right way. Simplicity is a key to photography, all it requires is the focus, patience, and vision. There are various phone photography courses that you could stream and learn the easiest techniques for free. Also, there are millions of easy editing software available for free where you could learn editing your captures. Experience is the best teacher of all, and to experience, you must start from somewhere.


Teaching or mentoring someone is a very noble thing to do., you could spend your leisure time in teaching your parents about the latest technology, trends and see them in sync with the current generation. You could also volunteer to help the neighborhood kids with their school homework or up-skill their knowledge by teaching them some vital basic computer skills, music or anything that could benefit them in the future. If you are professionally skilled at some level, then run free skillshare courses online. I think teaching contributes more to the future of our society than anything, the concept of sharing knowledge doesn’t cost you a thing, instead you gain more.

Do share your ideas on the low-cost hobby that we could start today in the comments below.

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