3 best anime series you need to watch right now!

Updated: May 8, 2021

Anime and Manga have always been Japanese (and Korean at times) forte. Whoever tried to replicate them, has failed mi-se-ra-bly!!!

Be it Death note, Naruto, Dragon ball Z, Full metal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter , the list is too long. That is, until now.

Was checking for some good anime in Netflix and stumbled upon these really good ones which are NOT Japanese.

1. Castlevania -

Everybody knows Dracula. This one is done to death. There are so many vampire movies which were cringe worthy that I would totally ignore anything that would talk about these blood sucking monsters. But then, I watched Castlevania. This tells a very very different story of Vlad Dracula Tepes and his story of revenge. Parallelly running plot stories of Alucard, Trevor, Sypha and the wicked vampire sisters , made this something that I was looking forward to, every season. Three to be precise as of now. The final one is going to drop in Netflix on May 13th and I can't help but feel sad. Nevertheless, its exciting too to see how the end pans out.

2. Blood of Zeus

I know this one too is something we have watched over and over. Zues and his love for humans, his affairs, his demi god sons whom his wife, Hera wanted to slay and be done with. This series too explores the story Zeus’s half human son , Heron. A story of how Heron fits in the larger scheme of things. Greek mythology is so vast but there are so many stories still unexplored. Hoping to see some more of this in the coming seasons.

3. Yasuke

Newly released series based on a historical figure Black Samurai. Yes, you read that right. The first series where I have seen a samurai of African origin. The story revolves around how Yasuke helps a little girl who has these great magical powers, from a monstrous Yami no Daimyō who is hell bent on taking Saki’s powers away. Other than the awkward lip sync, this one is a good watch. IF there is a second season, (hopefully) they would dig some more on Yasuke’s individual story.

Most of them are based on games. Do look out for a lot of blood shed and some veiled sexuality. Do let us know if you found something interesting too which we can include in our next list 😊

Image Source : Netflix.in,Google.com

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